Abiding Savior – Senior Pastor Call Committee Update

August 4, 2020

To All Members of Abiding Savior Lutheran Church,

Greetings in the name of the Lord.  Through the entire call process we will be as transparent as possible and keep the congregation informed.  At this time, the call committee has met once with District President, Rev. Lee Hagan and Circuit Visitor, Rev. Richard Laboure.  During this meeting President Hagan outlined the call process for the committee.  Our first steps are to work with Rev. Bill Geis who will assist us with putting together a congregational survey.  This will help us gather information from all members concerning what they believe are the ministry needs of Abiding Savior. We will meet with Rev. Geis mid-August with hopes of having a survey out to the congregation shortly thereafter.  The survey results will be used to help update/craft our ministry description so we have a focus on what we need in a new senior pastor.  Once that is in place we will be open for nominations from the congregation (more details to follow) as well as receiving potential candidates from President Hagan.


ASLC Call Committee

Corey Gregg

Pastor Andrus

Kathy Arnold

Emily Clark

Bob Kauffman

Liana Merz

Ryan Sanft

Julie Schmid

Linda Trower