Livestreaming at Abiding Savior Lutheran Church

Facebook:  The most common platform for live stream viewing.  You don’t need a Facebook account to watch our livestream.  Our Facebook page is  To find the live stream, click on POSTS on the left-hand side.  This will take you directly to the livestream as it should be the first post.  In the event of an internet disruption, the live stream will start again but in a new post.  If the live stream stops mid-service, click on POSTS again and you will find the new live stream.

YouTubeOur YouTube channel is  You will find the livestream listed at the top of previoiusly recorded videos.

Vimeo:  This is probably the most reliable platform for livestreaming.  The link is  You should be able to click on the video that is currently live from the list of videos you will see.  You can also watch previous videos from Abiding Savior Lutheran Church.